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The best multicopter frame on the market, period, not one of.



The best multicopter frame on the market, period, not one of.

Sky Hero Spyder 6 - Multi Rotor Madness Meets Payload Insanity 

With the latest Sky Hero Spyder 6, it simply doesn't get much more crazy with this massive payload monster. With alien like looks, the Spyder 6 is destined to leave people in awe, but looks alone are a small factor of what this aircraft is truly capable of.

The Spyder 6 is a radical hexacopter platform, capable of being transformed into a (12) motor medusa for the most insane in heavy lift capability. With the correct motor / prop combination, the Spyder 6 can lift up to a 9Kg (19.84 lbs.) payload, allowing a "sky's the limit" approach to whatever application this platform can adapt to.

Outfitted with massive 30mm carbon fiber booms for the ultimate in strength & rigidity, the Spyder 6 has the capability of folding up into a compact platform, allowing the end user to transport and store this beast with little to no effort at all. 

For multi rotor payload capacity, the Spyder 6 is the option that sets the bar, and with Sky Hero quality, you can hardly go wrong with this amazing heavy lift machine.


1 x Sky Hero Spyder 6 Kit with Normal Motor Mounts 
1 x Green Canopy


* Hexa 6 / Hex 12 Layout Options
* Up to 9Kg (19.84 lbs.) Payload Capacity
* High Quality Carbon Fiber Construction
* New "Inertic" Design w/ Integrated Landing Gear System
* Massive 30mm Carbon Fiber Arms
* No Tools Folding Capability for Ease of Storage & Transport
* No Tools Quick Release Dual Long Landing Gear System
* Keyed Motor Holders for No Slip Setup


Size: 1000mm
Weight: TBA
Payload Capacity: Up to 9Kg 

Required for Flight:

6 x Brushless Motors for Hexa 6 Layout / 12 x Brushless Motors for Hexa 12 Layout 
6 x Brushless ESC's for Hexa 6 Layout / 12 x  Brushless Motors for Hexa 12 Layout 
6 x Propellers for Hexa 6 / 12 x Propellers for Hexa 12 Layout
1 x Flight Controller
2 x Sky Hero 7 Wiring Set
1 x 6S 5000mAh LiPo Battery
1 x 7+ Channel Transmitter
1 x 7+ Channel Receiver


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